An innovative, early stage nonprofit engaged us to develop a name and branding treatment to differentiate it from the many organizations competing for funding and attention at the global level. What came forth was the brand entity, Prevail Fund, its animated logo and Together We Will slogan.

Prevail Fund is remarkable in how it departs from the missions of many larger, global initiatives. Rather than feeding/housing/medically treating large populations in the aftermath of crises, Prevail takes the long view—practicing its own variation on the ‘teach a man to fish’ proverb. By identifying and assisting individuals of extraordinary promise in struggling parts of the world, Prevail Fund seeks to reverse deeply entrenched, multigenerational poverty through education and economic empowerment. The flame dotting the “i” in the Prevail Fund logo signifies eternal hope.

Following naming and branding Prevail Fund, we designed Prevail Fund’s online presence. We continue to work with Prevail Fund in an ongoing capacity, creating its online content, brand identities for its geo-specific initiatives, print collaterals and more (see also our Web/Online Prevail Fund Case Study).


Prevail Fund’s efforts are gaining traction and making a difference in areas as geographically and culturally diverse as Sub-Saharan Africa, Cambodia and right here at home—in rural Mississippi.

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