Design & Marketing

Capturing Your Brand EssenceTM

The word, “Design” covers a lot of ground. In our work, design encompasses much more than just the application of graphic design to a logo, sign, packaging, etc.

For example, instead of ‘copy writing’, we consider writing to be designing with language. When done well, what others refer to merely as ‘copy’ conjures an incredibly compelling story in the mind’s eye, complete with visuals.

Another example of the breadth of the term, ‘design’ is how different materials, textures and contrast come into play when designing for environmental spaces—such as signage for office entrances, or interiors of various types (see also our Roberto’s Real American Tavern Case Study and our Infinity Broadcasting Success Story).

Additionally, we use every conceivable facet of design in a wide variety of ways to enhance each individual client’s marketing efforts—whether in print, online, or any other media. We also consult on strategies for improving your customer service and enhancing perceptions of your brand essence.

Here are just some of the many ways we’re using design and marketing to enhance our clients’ brands and their overall performance.