Known as ‘The City that Smiles’, Grenada is located in northern Mississippi. Teaming up with a transplanted New York businesswoman who fell in love with this Southern gem, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with a wide range of constituencies to re-imagine Grenada—recapturing if not exceeding its former vibrancy. Working with the local economic development commission, municipality, educators and other strategic partners, we’re helping a forward-thinking community to reinvent itself.

Our work continues to take many forms—from branding the Grenada Community Foundation and designing its annual reports, to creating brand identities and concepts for local businesses, as well as consulting on renovating and revitalizing Grenada’s historic downtown district and Green.


Grenada, Mississippi is celebrating a renaissance. From compelling branding and design to print collaterals and signage, we’re helping to communicate civic initiatives and to market businesses, while promoting optimism and yes—smiles.

Explore how we can work together to bring smiles and economic recovery to your community.