Case Study 7

Vincent Van Gogh

​Licensing The Works of One of History’s Greatest Artists

Overview In Brief
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherands is home to the world’s largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh—one of the most beloved Post Impressionists.

Vincent Van Gogh Museum Licensing Collateral
Vincent Van Gogh Museum Licensing Collateral
Vincent Van Gogh Museum Licensing Collateral

The Challenges

The Van Gogh Museum required the highest possible quality reproduction of its namesake’s masterpieces—insisting on uncompromising, high resolution reproduction and color accuracy. Additionally, each product on which a van Gogh artwork appears had to to be of the highest quality, and appropriate to the nature of that particular piece.

Working closely with the Van Gogh Museum and their licensing agent, Moxie & Company, our strategic partner of longstanding, we created sales collaterals for the first-ever licensing of this master’s iconic images.

Matching Tote & Scarf Licensing product
Umbrella Licensing product
Clog Licensing product

Outcome & Results
The timeless works of Vincent van Gogh are gaining wider appreciation through the innovative use of hi-res imagery across the full spectrum of licensing categories—from consumer goods to fine art prints, architectural applications, promotional tie-ins, co-branding opportunities and more.

Looking to succeed with a ‘masterpiece’ of your own? Let us be your ‘Gogh-to’ guys. 

Note: Respecting the proprietary nature of licensing and the licensors and licensees with whom we work, our actual sales collaterals are not depicted—only a few (very lo-res) images of the works of Van Gogh and a sampling of the resulting, licensed products.