Case Study

Infinity Broadcasting

​Growing a Brand Leader from Inception to Maturity & Beyond

Overview In Brief
In 1976 we had just designed a new logo and were conducting an advertising campaign for WBCN-FM when the popular, alt-rock Boston radio station was purchased by Infinity Broadcasting. A NYC-based start-up, Infinity was founded by Michael A. Wiener and Gerald Carrus. Wiener was Executive Vice President of Sales at MetroMedia—who began his career by ushering audience members to their seats on the Merv Griffin* Show, then worked his way up to the top echelons of the broadcasting industry.

Our corporate ID/logo design for Infinity

Our corporate ID/logo design for Infinity

Howard Stern during his Inifinity years.

Howard Stern during his Inifinity years

Our logo for Infinity’s flapship NYC station

Our logo for Infinity’s flapship NYC station

The Challenge
Infinity wanted a logo design and branding treatment that reflected its goal of infinite possibilities and growth. The company quickly earned its reputation for taking risks, most notably for hiring the controversial talk show host, Howard Stern**—and for pushing the limits of radio programming. Infinity’s ideal brand image was a logo that had a clean, corporate look and feel, while at once challenging the status quo—a tall order.

Outcome & Results
Infinity chose our logo design featuring a stylized Möbious Strip, the symbol for infinity as their brand image (shown here in two examples). The new logo was well received. As a result, we were tasked with a wide range of design, advertising and marketing related responsibilites.

Over the next two decades, we designed logos, branding treatments and marketing materials for Infinity’s radio stations in the Top 20 US Metro Markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Washington, DC, San Diego and Tampa/St. Pete.

Our award winning billboard for Infinity’s Tampa/St. Pete, FL station.
Illustration of Infinity DJ Rosco.
Infinity’s logo in metal relief at CBS headquarters.

Our award winning billboard for Infinity’s Tampa/St. Pete, FL station, illustration of Infinity DJ Rosco, and Infinity’s logo in metal relief at CBS headquarters.

We worked closely with Mike Wiener (later CEO of CBS Radio), Gerald Carrus, and with Infinity President Mel Karmazin (later President and CEO of CBS, and more recently CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio) on a wide variety of projects. We were responsible for designing Infinity’s trade and consumer print advertising, as well as billboards, bus wraps and other types of advertising and marketing. When Infinity became a public company we designed their annual reports and other financials, as well as Karmazin’s institutional investment presentations.

Our work with Infinity Broadcasting contributed to its success and the following brand milestones:

Infinity Broadcasting’s dominance of the US radio market—owning/operating 44 radio stations nationwide across various formats—from rock to talk radio, sports and more.

Infinity Broadcasting becoming the original home of Howard Stern, for whom we created promotional campaigns, as well as for other Infinity on-air personalities including Don Imus.

Infinity’s multi-billion dollar acquisition(s)—first in 1996 by Westinghouse/CBS and again in 2000 by CBS/Viacom. Note: after CBS and Viacom split, Infinity became known simply as CBS Radio.***

Our branding of Viacom’s flagship NYC station.
Illustration for an Infinity annual report.
Logo design for Infinity’s Boston alt-rock FM station

Our branding of Viacom’s flagship NYC station, illustration for an Infinity annual report, and logo design for Infinity’s Boston alt-rock FM station.

We are proud to have worked with Infinity for over two decades including continuing to work with our client following both its acquisitions—and also of our re-branding of Viacom’s flagship, NYC radio station, (then) Lite 106.7 FM. Additionally, we worked closely with Infinity’s original owners in their philanthropy and other business dealings, including major fundraising projects for heart disease research, cancer research, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and Mount Sinai Medical Center (NYC).

*Merv Griffin—creator of the mega-hit TV series, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!
**Renowned media personality, popular Sirius Radio talk show host, and Guest Judge on four seasons of the hit TV series, America’s Got Talent.
***Now CBS Radio/Audacy.

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