We undertook a major renaming and rebranding project: transitioning Grace Church Community Center (GCCC) to Lifting Up Westchester (see also our Naming & Branding Lifting Up Westchester Case Study). With eight robust programs, Lifting Up Westchester is the largest social services agency in Westchester County, NY.

One of the most important components of the resulting new brand is the new Website we created for Lifting Up Westchester—a 24-7 multipurpose tool for service delivery, marketing, volunteerism and fundraising.

Liftingupwestchester.org gives donors, volunteers, strategic partners and most importantly, those in need access to this vital organization’s many programs—including housing & feeding and a wide rnage of others services for youth and the elderly and disabled.


Lifting Up Westchester is better able to communicate about, and to deliver, its social service programs online, than ever before. Donations are healthy, while perceptions of this worthy organization’s important work and value to the whole of Westchester County’s social fabric are more accurate and positive.

Find out how we can help lift your brand’s online presence up to new heights. Visit: liftingupwestchester.org