Vincent van Gogh

Licensing The Works of One of History’s Greatest Artists

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is the largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh—one of the world’s most beloved Post-Impressionists. Working closely with the Museum and their licensing agent, our strategic partner of longstanding, Moxie & Company—we created sales collaterals for the first-ever licensing of this master’s iconic images.


The timeless works of Vincent van Gogh are gaining wider appreciation through the innovative use of high resolution imagery across the full spectrum of licensing categories—from consumer goods to fine art prints, architectural applications, promotional tie-ins, co-branding opportunities and more.

Looking to showcase a licensed property or ‘masterpiece’ of your own? Let us be your ‘Gogh-to’ guys, too.

Note: respecting the proprietary nature of licensing and the licensors and licensees with whom we work, our actual sales collaterals are not depicted—only resulting images in the public domain.