Style Guidance, Licensing 
Promotional Art

We strategize, write and design style guides for licensed properties—in print, digital media and secure online form. We also work from existing style guides on behalf of official licensors and licensees, rendering artwork of all types for a wide range of purposes.

Our work encompasses designing and illustrating packaging, posters and sales collaterals, creating artwork for promotional and marketing campaigns, and developing concepts for tradeshow booths and retail displays. In addition to creating all manner of print collaterals and display artwork, as well as contracting and directing photography and video, we oversee the entire process—from procuring bids through fabrication and completion of all deliverables.

In addition to working with established brands and licensors, we guide emerging brands and start-ups through these complex processes—helping to ensure delivery of innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Explore how we can assist with your brand’s licensing, packaging, trade, retail and promotional needs.

Note: due to the proprietary nature of style guides and licensing in general, we do not depict any actual style guidance—nor do we attribute specific projects to our licensing-related clients.

A sampling of the brands we’ve been honored to work with in various capacities appears on this page and elsewhere throughout this Website. See our online Galleries for work product examples.