Grace Church Community Center (GCCC) was facing three major challenges. First, it had long outgrown its name and thus was unable to tell its brand story effectively—impeding its mission. Second, GCCC was fighting a deeply entrenched misperception: that Westchester County, New York, one of the nation’s wealthiest, doesn’t have a “needy” population. Yet, homelessness and hunger, among a host of other social ills, are rampant in Westchester— where over 200,000 of its diverse citizens live below the poverty line. The third challenge was how to rename and rebrand this vital organization effectively—with its eight different and critically important programs.

GCCC engaged Penry Creative—first, to conduct thorough research. Our focus groups with key sectors of the greater Westchester community revealed what people think, or thought they knew, about GCCC and the challenges facing their less fortunate, often invisible fellow citizens. These sectors ranged from donors to civic and business leaders, GCCC Management and Staff, strategic partners and other groups. Armed with meticulously documented research data, we assisted GCCC to effectively re-strategize and reinvigorate its efforts, anew.

Next, working closely with our Client at all levels of management, as well as with their Board of Directors, we renamed and rebranded GCCC Lifting Up Westchester.

Then, our two, task-specific production teams went to work developing a comprehensive rebranding campaign to identify and market the new entity. This included designing a new logo and identity system, a fully responsive Website, print collaterals, videos and more—showcasing Lifting Up Westchester’s programs and services (see also our Web / Online Lifting Up Westchester Case Study).


The Lifting Up Westchester brand is well received. Donations and volunteerism are healthy, while perceptions of their important work and value to the whole of Westchester County’s social fabric are more accurate and positive.

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