Genetic Literacy Project

Where Science Trumps Ideology

Penry Creative helped Genetic Literacy Project (GLP) unravel the secrets of the Internet and harness their power—as daunting a mystery to many as unlocking the genetic code, itself. Working closely with GLP, our hand-picked team of talented coders and designers built the GLP Website—a robust, self-aggregating forum for the latest news and developments in human and agricultural genetics. Although this popular site is continually evolving, the foundations of our work remain intact.

In addition to branding GLP and creating its online presence, we also named and branded Gene-ius—GLP’s showcase for breakthrough thinking in human genetics (see also our Naming & Branding GLP Case Study).


GLP has quickly become a widely recognized voice in human and agricultural genetics— furthering the simple, enduring truth that has become its anthem: Science Trumps Ideology.

Let us help unlock and showcase the genius in your brand’s DNA, as well.